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Encouraging, Supporting, and Connecting French Teachers in Kansas

Upcoming Events

Click here for The Grand Concours Website

There is still time to enroll your students in the Grand Concours (National French Contest) for 2024 as long as you can test them by April 8, the last day to test the students.

Don’t forget! AATF Members get half price off of the cost of tests for their students!

Concours de Poésie 2024

The French American Cultural Society invites students who live in the areas listed on the above image to participate in their Concours de Poésie 2024. The FACS is also looking for teachers to help with judging.

You can learn more about the Concours de Poésie HERE and HERE.

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Great Resources for AATF Members

2024 AATF Leadership Academy

If you are interested in learning more about leadership in the AATF, please consider attending the AATF Leadership Academy. This is the advertisement from the “Quoi de Neuf? October Newsletter:

The AATF Leadership Academy is now accepting applications for the 2024 cohort. Participants must complete the Google Form Application after having secured support from their local chapter president. Members who do not have a local chapter are also encouraged to attend. The Leadership Academy will take place on July 5 & 6, and participants will be required to stay for the full AATF convention in San Diego, July 7-10. Each AATF chapter may only send one nominee per year and the program is limited to 10 participants.

Interested? The Kansas Chapter can help defray some of your expenses. Please contact any KSAATF officer to learn more about that.

Don’t reinvent the wheel!

The National AATF website houses extensive curated lists of realia for use in your lessons. These are categorized by your favorite platform and then searchable by hundreds of different topics.

If you have a resource that is a great winner in your classes, please share it with other French Teachers. Everything that you need from categorizing, tagging, and uploading is housed on the “Submit a Resource” page so that you can give back to the profession.

Did you know that AATF members may participate in Fédération des Alliance Française events free or at a reduced cost?

Conversation groups, author talks, cooking demonstrations, and more are available to AATF members.

Check out the upcoming events HERE.

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Resource of the Month

Only $4.00 for members!

This is an instant download with a complete lesson for April 1st. You can teach your students about the history of the holiday, give them some activities including interpersonal speaking, and an art project.

What the AATF can do for you

Did you know that for 2024, paid AATF members have a free subscription to France Channel? This is a valuable resource for you to collect authentic resources for your curriculum!

Members receive free subscriptions to the National Bulletin and the French Review.

The National Bulletin is a monthly publication with articles and news for modern French teachers, such as ideas for how to celebrate National French Week. This is where the winners of Le Grand Concours are published. It also has information about the national convention every year.

The French Review is a quarterly publication with scholarly articles about literature, cinema, culture, linguistics, and pedagogy.

Where are we?

These markers represent 65 different teachers!

No need to feel as though you are the last cheerio in the bowl.

La Journée d’Immersion 2024

An entire day of FREE professional development just for French teachers!

Stay tuned for next year’s date!